Office and P&L Assessment

Our Office and P&L Assessment provides and check-and-balance for your office organization, employee files, and expenses as a percent of sales.

We approach this assessment the same way an HR Representative, operating partner, or absentee owner may conduct an evaluation on a restaurant when he or she is auditing or reviewing a financial period. We’ll arrive at a time of your convenience to look at your office files and review your P&L with you.

What to Expect

During our assessment, we’ll look at a wide range of things. Your employee files, are they complete and in compliance with local requirements? Organization—is there a way to maximize your space or simplify the paper trail? How’s the cash handling procedure—are there any daily or weekly forms that should be complete? We’ll also review your P&L—either monthly or quarterly (whichever is preferred or available) —and identify any line items that you should address to maximize profits.

We’ll go over much of our findings and feedback in person during this restaurant visit. However, after touring your restaurant, we’ll prepare a report recapping our discussions. It will start with a summary page outlining the most prominent findings but will also include recommended solutions, as well as suggestions as to how to prioritize issues—even if something is important, it may not be as urgent as other issues.


Past assessments have uncovered a wide range of issues. Here are some examples:

  • “X Employee’s” file was missing a completed I-9, but no E I-9 system is in place.
  • 3 different methods were used for arranging employee files and other restaurant forms—mostly likely from three different generations of management. Need to synthesize or at least create a template for paperwork storage moving forward.
  • Suggest breaking the P&L into more specific categories than “Meat.” Fish, Poultry, Pork, and Beef categories will give you more control over center-of-plate costs and their fluctuations.
  • Prime costs at 79%, suggest focusing more on sales and service instead of cost-cutting on paper and cleaning as discussed.
  • POS report shows theoretical food cost of 24%, but P&L reflects 33%. This 9% Gap comes straight from Bottom Line. Need to make sure the 24% is in fact accurate, then identify what is driving the actual costs so far above theoreticals.
  • BOH labor costs are too high for current sales; line labor has specifically gone up compared to last quarter.

Schedule a P&L Assessment

Over time, it’s easy to become blind to things that have a direct impact on your bottom line.
Schedule an office and P&L assessment today to see things from a fresh perspective.

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