Back of House Assessment

Our Back of the House assessment allows you to see your culinary and kitchen operations from an outside perspective. While guests may never see your BOH issues, those problems certainly affect their experience, not to mention your bottom line.

We approach this assessment in the same way an operating partner or regional manager may conduct an evaluation on a restaurant he or she hasn’t visited in a while. We’ll arrive before you open in the AM, between lunch and dinner, or in the afternoon if you’re only open for dinner service—whichever is your preference. As seasoned professionals, we are adept at staying out of your staff’s way, not impeding prep and service while still being thorough.

What to Expect

While we tour your kitchen, we‘ll look at everything from the trash area to the receiving dock to the coolers and freezers to dry storage to the service line and the dish area. We’ll look at organization—is there a way to maximize your space? We’ll look at food safety processes and cleanliness, food storage, and the procedures your staff are following to identify any potential inefficiencies or opportunities.

After touring your restaurant, we’ll prepare a report laying out everything we found during our visit. We’ll start with a summary that highlights the biggest issues. But this is a comprehensive report tailored to your restaurant, including background information, possible causes, and probable effects of any issues we identify, as well as suggestions on how to prioritize addressing the issues.


Here are some examples of things we’ve found during past assessments:

  • Walk-in cooler disorganized, with prepped ranch dressing in three different locations. One was three weeks old. Cooler also had many ripped and soggy boxes that produce originally arrived in.
  • There’s space for another 36” storage rack near 3-dip sink on back wall, freeing up clutter in dry storage.
  • Dishwasher could take out trash or sweep the floor while changing out water in machine—was watching it fill up.
  • A case of onions was directly on the floor—health code violation.
  • 3-dip sink area could be used for some prep by getting covers for the sink bowls. Shouldn’t use a rolling trash can with a cutting board on top for extra prep space.
  • Back door stuck open or closed, which led to it being open for most of service and difficult to open to take out trash once it was closed.

Schedule a BOH Assessment

Over time, it’s easy to become blind to certain elements of your kitchen.
Schedule a back-of-house assessment today to see things from a fresh perspective.

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