Front of House Assessment

Our Front of the House assessment is like a secret shopper report on steroids. A Secret shopper isn’t a restaurant professional, and they’re only looking at a prescribed list of options to check “yes” or “no,” or perhaps rate on a scale from 1-10 based on their un-informed opinion. Important, yes, but not very thorough or pragmatic on how to actually fix anything.

Our assessment is done by a seasoned restaurant professional looking with expert eyes to identify issues your guests may be experiencing. We’ll arrive incognito—your managers and/or your staff will not know who we are—and we will pay with a gift card you provide.

What to Expect

While we dine in your restaurant, we’ll look at everything a guest could see, taste food as a guest would taste it, interact with your staff as a guest would, and truly experience your restaurant with fresh eyes. From that perspective, we can help you identify areas that could be hurting atmosphere, service, food quality, and ultimately, sales.

After dining in your restaurant, we’ll prepare a comprehensive report outlining the good, the bad, and—if necessary—the ugly of our experience. It will start with a summary that highlights the most prominent findings. But this comprehensive report will also include background information, possible causes, and probable effects of any issues we identify, as well as suggestions on how to prioritize issues.


Here are a few examples of findings from past FOH assessments:

  • The wood stain is worn and chipped on the booth panel directly in front of the entrance—easily seen when guests enter—and gives the restaurant the appearance of deferred maintenance issues.
  • Re-stain wood panels for a clean, fresh look. No need for a professional, should only take 60 minutes for an hourly employee after close.
  • Bartender was training a new server but didn’t seem to know what the trainee was supposed to be learning. Do you have training checklists?
  • Menus were in disrepair and scattered in several places. It made the restaurant look chaotic and cluttered despite being otherwise clean.
  • Wine List pricing and selections didn’t match the rest of the menu, and the server wasn’t able to answer questions on selections.
  • Back Bar looked unkept and dirty, lights were out in coolers. It looked like opening or closing duties were skipped or done without attention to detail.
  • 2 bartenders and 3 servers used the same cash register—cash control issues.
  • Light bulbs were out above northern-most booth, center walkway, and 2nd booth on back wall.

Schedule a FOH Assessment

Over time, it’s easy to become blind to certain elements of your restaurant.
Schedule a front-of-house assessment today to see things from a fresh perspective.

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