Perfecting Your Restaurant Lighting

Menu design, staffing, wine lists, dining room layout—there are many components to making a restaurant run like clockwork.

What about lighting? It’s probably farther down on your list, right? If that’s the case, it’s time to ahem shed some light on this element that is often overlooked.

Lighting is the key element to a restaurant’s ambiance. When you’re designing a space, every light should have a purpose, setting the tone for the rest of the customer’s experience.

Let’s break down the benefits proper lighting can bring to your space.

Benefits of Great Restaurant Lighting

Improve Kitchen & Bar Performance

To make the food and serve the drinks, your bar and kitchen staff have to be able to see what they’re doing. Proper lighting improves your employees’ productivity. It gives them the ability to make high-quality dishes and beverages in a timely manner while also encouraging their safety.

However, make sure the lighting’s not too bright for your back-of-house team. You don’t want them constantly getting headaches on the job.

Differentiate Between Spaces

Incorporating differing sources of light within your restaurant can help create multiple spaces. Since every area in an establishment has a purpose, the lighting should reflect each one of them. For example, waiting areas should be brighter to make guests feel welcome. The dining and bar areas should be darker to give the space an intimate feel.

As a bonus, if you have a smaller restaurant, the right lighting can maximize the space and make it feel larger than it is.

Present Food & Beverages

Any poorly lit presentation can be a turn-off for guests. Whether you have liquor and wine shelves behind the bar or you’re serving up pastries in a baker’s rack, the way you present food and beverages matters.

Restaurants that serve alcohol already know how impactful liquor sales are to their revenue. By installing back-lighting, up-lighting, and track lighting in your drink displays, you can advertise your premium products to guests and boost your bottom line.

Ensure Safety and Security

Poor lighting can make your employees and guests feel uneasy—both on the interior and the exterior. It can be harder for your servers and customers to navigate, and it can create potential tripping hazards and theft opportunities. A well-lit space helps keep everyone safe by creating a warmer environment and reducing any damage or injuries.

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