Bar Consulting

Restaurants that serve alcohol already know how impactful beer, wine, and liquor sales are to their revenue. But if your bar isn’t set up properly, it can negatively impact your bottom line.

Hiring a restaurant consultant that specializes in bars (like myself) can be a wise investment for any owner. We’re here to give you a new perspective on what processes can be improved and guidance on how to implement changes that will help your restaurant succeed. Let’s take a closer look at the types of services a bar consultant can help with at your restaurant.

Menu Design

Your drink menu needs to be crafted in a way that maximizes your current guest value and keeps costs manageable without compromising on quality.

A bar consultant will help you see which drinks are selling and which are not—and see the profitability of each drink. We also help build wine lists that complement your food menu, increase sales, encourage bottle sales, and balance the quality of the product compared to the cost.

Staffing and Training

Like any other department in your restaurant, properly trained staff behind the bar can make all the difference in your overall operations. Bartenders, waitstaff, and barbacks are the lifeblood of the bar area.

Providing them with a solidified training program that includes manuals, restaurant policies, and all necessary information about the bar’s organization will lead to a stronger bartending staff. A consultant can help you craft a training program that keeps your business goals top of mind so your restaurant is set up for success.

Bar Organization

Is your bar equipped with the right equipment for bartenders? Are bottles easy to reach? Is the space wide enough for your staff to get through?

Efficiency is key to a bar’s operation. Work needs to be easy and fast so customers can get their food and drinks in a timely fashion. A consultant can not only help you design the overall aesthetic of the bar but also help you find the tools needed to stock your bar.

Want to invest in your bar area but not sure where to start? Fill out a contact form to set up an initial consult, and we’ll talk more about taking your bar to the next level. Cheers!