Why Your Restaurant Needs a Permanent Schedule

Restaurant owners or operators know that staffing is a huge part of their job. Back-of-house and front-of-house staff shortages can cause major gaps in service.

So, you’ve hired the right team, but how do you schedule them for shifts in a way that is beneficial for both you and the business? At Salt & Cayenne, we recommend posting a permanent schedule for your staff and we have a few reasons why.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Once a schedule is in place, employees can plan out their days and have more control over both their professional and personal lives. For tipped employees, this can help reduce income volatility because they know what to expect based on week-to-week sales trends.

2. Building Regulars

Norm! The front-of-house staff will have a better chance of building regulars if they can tell guests when to come back and see them.

3. Guest Recognition

Industry professionals know that consistency is the key to their restaurant’s success. Guests will recognize the staff on the night they frequent your restaurant, and, in turn, the staff will recognize guests.

4. Budget Your Expenses

It should come as no surprise that a permanent schedule helps you budget your labor expenses. It can also help identify areas to monitor overtime. For example, if your back-of-house prep labor is getting out of hand due to overtime, it may be time to change who is working those shifts and schedule them somewhere that better suits their strengths.

5. Staffing Holidays and Events

Planning for events and busy holidays is so much easier if you already know how many people are working. Let’s say that Tuesdays are typically a slower day for your restaurant and your staffing reflects it. If a holiday like Valentine’s Day ends up falling on a Tuesday, you will know in advance how many extra hands you will need.

6. Saves Time for Scheduling

The manager in charge of scheduling will be thanking you. A permanent schedule means they won’t have to start each week from scratch, they’ll only need to fill in gaps here and there. Most industry professionals like to occasionally pick up shifts to supplement income during slow times.

7. Upfront Expectations

With a permanent schedule, you can provide upfront expectations during the hiring process. You already know where you need extra staff on your schedule, and this allows you to hire someone available to work areas that need coverage.

Ready to set your restaurant up for success? Schedule an initial consult, and we’ll discuss ways you can implement a permanent schedule at your restaurant. Cheers!