In-House Promotions for Your Restaurant

After the unpredictable year we’ve experienced, restaurants all across the country are figuring out how to get customers back into their doors. But building back your customer base and growing sales takes the right strategy. One piece of the puzzle? In-house promotions.

For restaurants of any shape and size, offering in-house promotions can invite your loyal customers back and generate enough buzz to get new ones in the door. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Build a Rewards Program

With a promotion as simple as a loyalty rewards program, you can easily reward your repeat customers while building trust with them.

Whether through your website or in-person via short form, you can easily acquire your customer information and send emails with discounts. Is their birthday coming up? Send them an offer for an appetizer or dessert. Have they already purchased 9 beverages? Give them the 10th one free—whether you use a digital system or a good old-fashioned punch card. Make the promotion as personalized as possible.

Launch New Menu Items

Once a customer has visited your restaurant, how do you get them back in the door? You give them new menu items to try.

Create new sampler plates for those who want to taste more options. Design a unique happy hour menu that offers new appetizers that directly pair with the drink options. Whatever you decide to do, the end goal is to get people excited to experience something new.

Celebrate the Holidays

Halloween. Valentine’s Day. Thanksgiving. The Super Bowl. These are just a few holidays your restaurant can easily celebrate.

Running a promotion that centers around the event grabs the attention of your customers and encourages them to come in and celebrate with you. For Valentine’s Day, consider a lovebird special that pairs a nice wine with a dessert. For Halloween, offer some “scary-good” deals on appetizers.

An added bonus? People celebrating the holidays with you may end up tagging you in photos on their social media, encouraging others to stop in too.

Ready to set your restaurant up for success? Fill out a contact form to set up an initial consult, and we’ll talk more about in-house promotions your restaurant could try. Cheers!