Dreaming of Opening a Restaurant?

We can help.

Salt & Cayenne exists to help build independent restaurants: Concept, menu, culture, and more. Led by industry veteran David Wyatt, we can help you plan for success with concept and menu development, cash-flow projections, financial pro forma, limited feasibility studies, business plans, and training materials.

In other words, we can help you every step of the way from today to launch day and beyond.

Now, we’re offering a free instant download of our 7 Elements of a Successful Restaurant when you contact us to schedule a 30-minute consult. Free download, free consult, no strings attached.

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Your Needs + Our Process

Together, we’ll identify the biggest needs and lowest hanging fruit to address before you get your restaurant off the ground. This may include:

  • Evaluating your restaurant concept and identifying opportunities, profit potential, and possible pitfalls
  • Developing and refining your menu, recipes, and kitchen processes
  • Working through estimated build-out costs
  • Building a pro forma to work out operational profits
  • Creating a business plan with cashflow projections and market research to help you secure financing
  • Helping with staffing, including management hires
  • Setting your team up for success with custom training materials

The process plays out differently for every single restaurant, but the goal is the same: To launch your restaurant with the foundation you need to thrive from Day 1.

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