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The pandemic has hit restaurants harder than just about any other sector. Keeping the doors open and the lights on is more challenging than ever.

That’s where we come in.

Salt & Cayenne exists to help independent restaurants find success. Led by industry veteran David Wyatt, we can help you identify and implement solutions that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

For the first time, we’re offering a package deal to help restaurants survive this challenging time: A free initial consult to understand your needs, then 4 consulting sessions for a total of $500.

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$500, 4 Sessions, 1 Thriving Restaurant

Together, we’ll identify the best ways to strengthen your operations and maximize profitability:

  • Perform FOH and BOH assessments
  • Identify best- and worst-selling dishes
  • Calculate per-dish profit margin
  • Re-engineer menu to maximize guest counts and minimize food costs without compromising on quality
  • Audit P&L to identify unnecessary expenses
  • Develop gift-card strategy

The process plays out differently for every single restaurant, but the goal is the same: Increase profitability so you can keep the lights on, keep your staff employed, and keep your customers coming back for more!

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